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Review: North States Superyard Colorplay 8 Panel Play yard

Review: North States Superyard Colorplay 8 Panel Play yard

The Crawling baby Problem

We were anything but prepared when Lindsey first started to crawl! She was only 4 months and we thought we had plenty of time. Boy were we wrong. She was getting into dvd’s cabinets and everything else you could think of before 5 months!

Our Setup

Lindsey Escaping!

Play Yard to the rescue!

I started looking for a solution right away. I found this play yard and as soon as I set it up I knew my problems were solved!


The play yard has 8 interlocking panels that can easily be removed or added. It can be connected all the way around to form a safe area for the baby to play in. The panels can be used individually as well.(block doorways etc.) We mostly used ours to block off doors and areas we didn’t want Lindsey to go

Later on

Eventually Lindsey found out how to pull the fence down (when not interlocked in a circle) or push the corners to knock it down and get around it.
Even though there were ways for her to get past it, this baby play yard was an invaluable tool in buying us time to Lindsey proof our entire house.

To sum it up

Overall I love this product. There are so many uses for it both inside the home and outside.
For those of you interested in buying this Play yard or if you would just like to see other reviews click Here for more information!

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