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Tadpoles Playmat Set Abc

Tadpoles Playmat Set Abc

Becoming Mobile!

When Lindsey started to scoot around the small fabric mats weren’t enough any more.

She would pull them out from under her or roll off of them. They also had to be washed daily which was time consuming.

Tadpoles Playmat Set to the rescue

I did some research and decided that the Tadpoles Playmat Set was the way to go.

The set is a puzzle mat, this allows you to make it as large or small as needed. I found as Lindsey became more mobile I had to start making the mat larger.

Soft mat is great for falls

The mat is made out of a soft durable material making it easier to clean than the other mat’s I tried. Once Lindsey began to crawl the Playmat Set was really great for cushioning her falls.


I also love the Play mat’s portability! Every time we went somewhere that wasn’t baby proof I would pack up a few pieces and take a small baby safe area with me!

It comes apart!

The only problem was that Lindsey eventually learned how to take the mat apart. Once she started taking the mat apart it would end up all over our living room. Then I would have to piece the mat back together at least once a day.

Was it worth it?

Overall, I think this mat is worth the investment.
If you are looking into getting one or would like to see other reviews click here!

Lindsey having too much fun with the play mat!

Tadpoles Playmat Set Too much fun

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