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Fisher Price 4 in 1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Fisher Price 4 in 1 Step ‘n Play Piano

The Fisher Price 4 in 1 Step ‘n Play Piano is one of the best toys we have bought for our daughter Lindsey!
She absolutely loves it!

  • There is a soft keyboard mat for her little feet. Every time she steps down the piano plays a key.
  • There is also a hand keyboard! It encourages fine motor skills, and she loves the flashing colors.
  • You can choose to let her make the music, or you can let the music on the step ‘n play sing to her.
  • The drums also Light-up for visual and audio stimulation. You can also remove the drums for tummy time!
  • It grows with her.
    • The soft keyboard mat can be removed for tummy time.
    •  Once she could sit up on her own we put her in the sliding seat. The sliding seat encourages first steps as baby “walks” back & forth on the keyboard and gives her access to all the gadgets.
    • And once she was cruising and standing we took off the seat for continued play.

She is now 9 months old and we are still using it!

Here is a link if you are interested: Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

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