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Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker Review

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker Review

The older Lindsey gets the more active she becomes. At around the six month mark she started pulling herself up and cruising along the furniture. At this point my husband and I agreed it was time to get her a walker. We went to our local big box store not knowing exactly what to look for. The toy section had so many options! After a lot of back and forth we finally decided to go with the Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker. We decided to go with it because it was simple, appealing and one of the cheaper options.

The fact that it was one of the cheapest options at $20 with alternatives being upwards of $40 really worried us. Once we got it home and snapped it together though, it was an instant success! Lindsey knew exactly what this new toy was for and she was off to the races! This toy has been one of her favorite ever since!

Some things I really like about this toy:

  • It allows her to sit and play with the buttons on the front or stand and push it around.
  • Sometimes she will move or hit it just to hear the music.
  • The wheels require a little force to roll so the walker doesn’t roll away. This really helps her rely on the walker for balance.

There aren’t really any complaints to write about to be honest.
I really would like to have a list of cons to write about but the toy is still in great condition and Lindsey loves it.
For the price, I really think it would be hard to beat this walker.

Final thoughts

I’m happy with our choice and more importantly Lindsey seems to be too!
If you are interested in getting the Zebra Walker or reading more reviews check it out Here!
The walker is just under $20 and it’s one of her favorite toys!
I would definitely recommend getting one for your little one.

Lindsey burning rubber!

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